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Here I list books, that I recommend for people working in IT. This includes books I have already read and some currently on my reading list.


My virtual bookshelf is currently quite full, as I have more than five books in the pipeline. Currently I am reading Think, Fast and Slow by David Kahneman as I was fascinated by his theories, which I encountered at multiple points throughout my time at the University.

Other books in my pipeline:

  • Getting Things Done by David Allen – From the brief summary, that I have read on Blinkist this seems to be a great book on productivity.
  • Influence by Robert B. Cialdini – Is often named one of the best books on behavioral psychology, especially on the topic of persuasion.
  • Countdown to Zero Day by Kim Zetter – A book describing the build up, execution and consequences of the famous Stuxnet computer worm.
  • Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick – Written by one of the most famous hackers and social engineers of all time.

In addition to this list, I am midway through a number of books on specific technologies, which I read sporadically. Most of these books are released by Manning Publications, where I often snipe special offers on books about state of the art technologies, that I am interested in.

They cover a variety of different topics, have an early access program for books written by industry experts on the newest and hottest technology out there and have a great DRM policy. Every book you buy is delivered to you in all eBook formats including PDF, EPUB and AZW (Kindle) at no additional costs, even when you buy a physical copy of a book in some random book store!

No, I am not sponsored to say this, I am just a very happy customer 🙃.

My favorite books

Please be patient. I am still working on this list  📖

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